Kitsilano Websites & Hosting is the support site for KITS MEDIA, a Vancouver website and wordpress design company.

We’ve been in the computer business for more than 13 years. We have lots of prestigious credentials, including teaching in the BCIT New Media program, the UBC Multimedia Studies program, and in Kwantlen University’s B.Tech program. We are members of the Better Business Bureau in Vancouver, British Columbia.

You can use Kitsilano Websites & Hosting if you are:

  • an existing client who needs help with a problem
  • a new or existing client who would like to register a domain name
  • a new or existing client who would like managed hosting with us
  • hoping for better than average service
  • completely confused about the whole thing and want to work with kind, friendly people who will lead you though it

Our hosting is done through Bluehost.com, the servers of choice by WordPress themself. We have “rented” space on their servers for our own clients. Managed hosting provides an additional layer of security at an already extremely reliable host. The bonus is that you can get support from us in most cases without charge.