managed-hostingYOU DO, if you don’t want to think about things like where your files are stored, or who else is sharing server space with you. Sharing a server IP with “certain” kinds of adult sites can sometimes lead to your own site being blocked by Google.

YOU DO, if you don’t like the idea of paying almost $100 extra for hosting every year. Bluehost offers a low $4.95 per month initial fee, but after your term expires, their monthly fee increases to $14.95 or that’s $179.40 per year.

How can you get around this? Use our easy managed hosting on Bluehost for $6.60 per month or $80 per year. Our price doesn’t go up after your first term expires.

YOU DO, if you don’t want to have to know what “SiteLock Domain Security” means, or have to decide between Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers when you sign up, or have to answer questions like, “Do you need Domain Whois Privacy?” We figure out all this stuff for you and every two years we let you know when to pay again. That’s REALLY easy.

YOU DO, if you hate your Inbox full of promotional materials. It’s a simple fact that, no matter who you host with, you’re going to be sent a constant stream of advertising for add-on services. We contact you only as necessary. And we advise you in advance when it’s time to renew your site.

YOU DO, if you want someone watching your back. While we can’t do much about server downtime, we can make sure your site is operating properly. We watch over all of our sites on managed hosting to ensure no issues of any kind arise. When you sign up directly with a host, you will never know if your site has a problem.

Managed hosting with Kitsilano Websites Hosting is $160 for two years ($6.60 per month.)

PS Let us know if you want domain names and we will buy them for you at no extra charge. All .com names are $15 per year and .ca names are $25 per year.